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Hello from Martin with Rover at Maker Faire

Posted: Tue Jun 10, 2014 5:28 pm
by robotmartin
Hi there,

This is Martin from Berkeley, California. I grew up with LEGO. Therefore Rover turned out to be a LEGO robot first. For several years I carried out research on an experimental (and expensive) biotech lab robot for my PhD thesis. Now I created a LEGO-based mobile robot to experiment with localisation and computer vision algorithms at home. My wife Devy and I entered the project into Intel's Perceptual Computing Challenge and we won an award (see following link for an idea about the project, or picture attached):

In the meantime we have demoed Rover at Mobile World Congress, CeBIT, Game Developers Conference, California Academy of Sciences, Robot Block Party, and Maker Faire. We decided to make Rover an open hardware platform for everybody who participated in our survey.

Thank you!